Student life

On this page, you'll find all the information you need to prepare your life as a student close to the campus : accommodation, restaurants, good deals in Roubaix and our sustainable development program!
Students associations
Student life at Piktura is orchestrated by the Student Office and the Clubs. They propose and organize student trips, various evening events, as well as professional events. The BDE (student association) also plays a role in representing students to the general public.
Office students
The BDE creates a direct link between students and the school's administration, so that all information circulates as effectively as possible. The BDE is integrated into the Fédé and thus into all the BDEs and Corpos of the Université Catholique de Lille.
The main aim of the Piktura BDE (Office student) is to create activity and life within the school. Its actions enable every student to experience convivial moments, both academic and extracurricular. A program of activities is organized throughout the year, including outings, afterworks and other events :

  • Competitions
    to win software licenses (TVPaint, Marvelous, Unfolded...)
  • Partnerships
    with numerous companies (Subway, Apple, Géant des beaux arts, Dell, Vimeo, Asics...)
  • Inter-school evenings

The clubs
Club Game Design
Club Game Programming
Club Role play / Board game
Club Cosplay (Needle & Sword)
Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC)
The law of March 8, 2018, relating to the orientation and success of students provided for the introduction of a contribution « intended to promote the reception and social, health, cultural and sporting support of students and to reinforce the preventive and health education actions carried out for their benefit ».

The Student and Campus Life Contribution is collected by the French government via the Crous. It is redistributed by the State to certain eligible establishments such as ICL. Establishments and students can apply for CVEC funds by proposing projects on themes such as :
  • Health, prevention, disability
  • Student welcome, Social support
  • Sport, Art and Culture
  • Environment, sustainable development
  • Community life
  • Citizenship, civic commitment

Unless exempted by law, all students must pay the « student and campus life contribution » of €92.

Once you have paid your CVEC, you will be sent a certificate. The certificate of payment or exemption must be submitted at the time of administrative registration on your registration space via this link.
This certificate must also be sent to Piktura via your personal space on before the start of the school year.
All supports students
Located at the heart of the Université Catholique de Lille campus, the All supports students in their day-to-day lives through five areas dedicated to student life: catering, housing, health, social services and sport.

Our objectives ?
  • Help students structure and develop their life projects,
  • Help them stay healthy,
  • Offer them a varied and balanced diet,
  • Help them keep fit through sports,
  • Provide safe accommodation.

Every day, the services provided by the ALL contribute to the vitality of the Université Catholique de Lille campus, which welcomes more than 33,000 students every year, and work to offer a campus that is easier to live on, and that meets students' needs.

Food service

University restaurants
It is possible to access university restaurants in the Lille area. To find out about them, please consult the CROUS website.

Située dans la résidence 217
11h00 – 14h00

Restaurant Class'Crous

Moyen d’accès
Métro Gare Jean Lebas

Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite

Paiements possibles

Située dans le bâtiment IMMD-LEA
08h30 – 15h00

Restaurant Class'Crous

Moyen d’accès
metro Gare Jean Lebas

Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite

Paiements possibles
Eating out
There are plenty of fast-food outlets around each campus, with prices negotiated by the Piktura BDE (Office student).
Campus Plaine Image

Le Point IT
99A Boulevard Constantin Descat - Au RDC du Bâtiment La Chaufferie
59200 Tourcoing

Boulangerie l’Hirondelle
92 Boulevard d’Armentières
59100 Roubaix

Ainsi que de nombreux Food Truck différents chaque jour !
Campus Eurotéléport

37 bd Gén Leclerc – 59100 ROUBAIX

28 pl Liberté – 59100 ROUBAIX

40 Grande Rue, 40 44 Clos De L'épicentre – 59100 ROUBAIX

Mc Arthur Glen, 44 Rue Mail de Lannoy – 59100 Roubaix

Mc Arthur Glen, 44 Rue Mail de Lannoy – 59100 Roubaix

Belga Queen
Mc Arthur Glen, 44 Rue Mail de Lannoy – 59100 Roubaix

Numerous bakeries, brasseries and other establishments are nearby.
Don't hesitate to consult the school notice boards and discover the prices negotiated by your BDE (Office student) !
You can bring your own lunch to school.
Fridges and microwaves are available in the K'Fet on each campus.

Purchase of specialized equipment
Special rates are negotiated for the purchase of specialized equipment.
Le Géant des Beaux-Arts
Rocambole Librairie des jeux depuis 1991
Good deals in Roubaix
The city of Roubaix has put together a guide with a wealth of information to help you with all the formalities, so don't hesitate to consult it !
You can also get in touch with Fabien Lefèbvre, who is in charge of student life at Roubaix town/city hall,

Consult the guide
Visit the Roubaix Campus Facebook page
and discrimination unit

Piktura, in conjunction with the Institut Catholique de Lille, has set up a system to combat violence, harassment and discrimination, with the creation of a VHD unit made up of two referents. Their role is to listen to and guide students who have reported or witnessed violence, harassment or discrimination with regard to the various medical, social and/or legal actions available, as well as to run prevention and awareness campaigns in conjunction with medical services and the national police force.

Violence of any kind, harassment or discrimination, is not tolerated on campus at the University. If you are confronted with this type of behavior, we invite you to react quickly. Whether you are a student or a witness, a member of staff or a direct victim, we invite you to contact our dedicated unit as soon as possible

By phone
03 20 13 40 00

Online :
Make a report on the platform

If you are a student in one of our faculties or schools, we have a dedicated contact person for you. All you have to do is indicate your school when you speak to our switchboard operator on the phone.

Our unit receives all testimonials and complaints, and is committed to responding without delay. We're here to listen to you, advise you and take appropriate action, in conjunction with our CPSU.

The living environment at the Université Catholique de Lille is unique and offers opportunities for exchange and interaction that are also unique in your student life. It's a life experience in its own right.

The well-being and safety of students on our campuses is a priority shared by all. With a view to preserving this quality of welcome, we are mobilizing specific resources to combat violence, harassment and discrimination through a dedicated unit.

This unit offers a listening service, situation analysis and personalized support. This unit can be mobilized in each entity with individual appointments or via an anonymous or non-anonymous platform where witnesses or victims can express themselves in complete confidentiality.

We remain at your entire disposal,
In solidarity,
The VHD unit teams
Use of a preferred name

In order to improve their reception and facilitate their access to university services, Piktura is committed to recognizing the right of trans and intersex students, who so wish, whether or not they have taken the necessary steps with the Registrar, to request that their customary first name be taken into account in the school's internal documents.

Procedure :
The request can be made at any time during the academic year, but preferably before the finalization of administrative registration. In order for the request to be processed, you must complete and sign the form requesting the use of a customary first name and send it to the Head of Academic Affairs at the following address :

Download the form

Conditions and limits for the use of a customary first name :
If you agree, this request allows you to use a first name at the Institut Catholique de Lille other than the one registered on your civil status. This change will be effective on the university e-mail and course call lists, as well as on the student card. This request cannot be used to change the first name on official or solemn documents that have value outside the Institut Catholique de Lille, such as official diplomas, school certificates, transcripts, certificates of achievement, individual decisions opening up rights, doctoral contracts and student employment contracts. The use of this customary first name does not imply a change of first name in the civil register, which remains the prerogative of the civil registrar (article 60 of the French Civil Code).