Our campuses

In the heart of the European Metropolis of Lille,
35 minutes from Brussels,
1 h from Paris and 1 h 20 from London by train,
Piktura is at the crossroads of European trade and economic dynamics.
Two Piktura campuses located in buildings that are part of the local heritage, renovated to provide students with real « places to live » and offer them a quality working environment while ensuring their personal development.

Based at la Plaine Images, a 5-hectare ecosystem dedicated to the digital art industry, the school offers students privileged access to the professional world. This enables them to get closer to the reality of companies in the video game and animation sectors, in a variety of ways: internships, meetings, professional events, conferences/debates, responses to corporate issues, etc.

Throughout their training, Piktura students have the opportunity to put their expertise to work for companies in la Plaine Images ecosystem, by tackling real-life problems. Finally, our incubator enables us to support students in the follow-up and development of their personal projects, which Piktura likes to support.
Campus Eurotéléport
78 bd du général Leclerc, 59100 Roubaix
1st year of Licence
Prep year
Campus Plaine Images
73 bis bd d’Armentières, 59100 Roubaix
Plaine Images building: video games + illustration departments
Link building: 3D Animation
Oméga building: 2D Animation
Our equipment
Computer park
Art studio
Photo studio
Photo lab
Sound studio
Render farm
Riso printer
Research lab
Academic Library (physical and digital)
Roubaix & Lille European Metropolis
Roubaix is a cultural, ambitious and creative city, home to many internationally renowned schools (ESMOD, ESAAT, ENSAIT, EDHEC Business School...) and 12,500 students from all over France.

The Musée de la Piscine, the Colysée theater, the Conservatoire, the Ateliers Jouret, the Maisons de Mode, the Condition Publique and the Alternateur are all unique venues that perfectly represent the new global dynamic of the city of Roubaix.

The organization of numerous federative and popular cultural events also contributes to opening up the cultural space to all Roubaix residents, making Roubaix a city where « It feels good to live ».

The European Metropolis of Lille is dynamic in its efforts to provide a dense cultural and service offering for the 28% of its population who are under 20 and the 10% who are students.

The city's determination to support the image industry in the region and internationally is reflected in major events such as the Video Mapping Festival, Série Mania and the year-long preparations for Lille World Design Capital 2020. These are opportunities that the school never fails to seize, to showcase the expertise of our students and the quality of the training we offer.

This international reach is essential for programs like ours, where students are likely to go abroad afterwards.

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Easy access to campus
The school is accessible by car, but also by all types of public transport. For more information on the latter, visit the official Ilévia website

Train station
Access to the school is greatly facilitated by the proximity of the Roubaix SNCF train station (10 minutes on foot).

Ligne 2 - direction CH Dron, station Alsace (La Plaine Images), station Eurotéléport (Siège social).

Ligne R - arrêt Eurotéléport (Siège social).

Lignes : 20-24-29-34-42-226, Liane 3 et le MWR (Mouscron, Wattrelos, Roubaix).